On August 24th, 2020, J. Paul Taylor celebrated his 100th birthday. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we weren’t able to celebrate in person as we have done for many years. However, our new website and the special 100th birthday celebration video reached thousands of people from across the world.

This website serves as the home of the Taylor Friends non-profit organization as well as a digital archive of Mr. Taylor’s centennial celebration.

Taylor Friends and New Mexico Historic Sites invite you to join our annual Nacimiento Open House virtual event throughout the holiday season, to bring joy into your home.

J. Paul Taylor Centennial Birthday Presentation

J. Paul Taylor’s love for New Mexico, dedication to the state’s cultural heritage, and commitment to social justice have been an inspiration to many. His many roles include family man, educator, statesman, advocate, & “Conscience of the New Mexico Legislature.”

This virtual celebration, in honor of his 100th birthday, includes special greetings from family, friends, and colleagues as they talk about Taylor, the ways he’s made a difference, and what we can learn from his accomplishments.

Christmas with J. Paul and Mary Daniels Taylor always included decorating with nacimientos (nativity scenes) and welcoming people into their home. Since 2010, the Taylor Friends group has helped Mr. Taylor maintain this tradition as annual open house. 

In 2020, Taylor Friends and NM Historic Sites have partnered with Mr. Taylor to present our traditional Nacimiento Open House as a virtual event. A special video showcasing delightful nacimientos from the Taylor family’s worldwide collection is available to bring joy into your home throughout the holiday season.

J. Paul Taylor Nacimiento Open House

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