Happy 100th Birthday

Happy, happy birthday, Paul. I wish you the best day ever, surrounded by your wonderful family and friends.

I remember when we first met in the early/mid 70’s, We organized that Cultural Awareness Workshop for local educators. Your enthusiasm for this made it a terrific event and I loved working with you.

I admired your work in state government. I tell people that you’ve always been like a saint working for all of the good causes. You’ve stood up for and assisted so many. You helped to make the lives of people better in Dona Ana County and across the state.

I remember when my parents met you and Mary at the Elder Hostel Program. They couldn’t stop talking about how great you both were. You helped them to feel at home in Las Cruces.

I feel so honored to have been asked to serve on the FTFM Board. I just love having that time to be with you and to hear your wonderful stories.

I appreciate you so much! You are such a kind, good person. Being around you enriches my life.

Happy Birthday to you.

With love, from Sue.

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