Happy Birthday

The Barrick/Taylor bond goes back many a year – starting when I was a 
small girl.  Paul and Mary were my parent’s best friends for over 60 
years – almost 70 years I believe.  Treasured friends, and to this day, 
the bond is still as strong.  Paul taught my sister Kay, in the 6th 
grade.  And when I moved back to Las Cruces in 2006 to help take care of 
my mother and father, Paul was a much cherished, welcome weekly visitor 
to my parent’s home before their passing.  Paul and Mary were beloved 
patrons of my father’s artwork, still displayed in the family home; and 
Mary and my mother spent many wonderful years researching the history of 
Mesilla together culminating in a beautiful book.  I wish Paul a blessed 
birthday and join with the many who love him and his family dearly.

– Barb Edmonds

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