Happy Birthday!

Dear Paul,

Not many can look back on a life as well-lived as yours. You’ve been a scholar, a veteran, a compassionate champion of the less fortunate, a man of strong faith, a husband and father to a wonderful and still growing family, a living legacy to the history of this state, a civil servant, a teacher, a lover and supporter of the arts and culture, a preserver and sharer of important artifacts, an inspiration, a leader, and just a kind, decent soul. I look back on that day Jesse introduced us at Eyedazzler and realize how fortunate I am that our paths were able to cross. From that meeting I’ve gone on to add hundreds of beautiful things to my collection. I’ve been given the opportunity to share some of that collection at the Museum of Art, thanks to you and Cynthia. I’ve been inspired to do several photo projects, learning and capturing intimate details of your home and your history in the Mesilla Valley. I’ve also been inspired to paint several paintings of your home and collection. I’ve been given the honor to be a member of the FTFM and meet such a wonderful circle of friends and family and preservers of history. My gardens have been enriched with a very special piece of Chamberino history, a solid goat feeder from your family farm. Every day I’m reminded of our friendship and how lucky I’ve been to know you and all the Taylor clan.

What a special milestone you have reached! Few have seen so much change, from the Great Depression to WW2, all while contributing to ongoing social justice and a century of the evolution of New Mexico and Las Cruces. To mark those hundred years, please accept this token of our love and admiration. You are part of the fabric of this valley and a living link between cultures, as likewise reflected in this Rio Grande Saltillo weaving, woven when you were a child.

Happy 100th Birthday!

Love, Dave, Paula, and all the Sorensens.

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