Happy Birthday

Dear Paul,

Birthday Greetings from Seattle!

Although we have met in person only a few times, our connection as family goes back many years thanks to Gail and Mike.

Our one visit to Mesilla was a memorable one. We loved staying in your home and were awestruck at the treasures there. We didn’t have enough time to discover them all.

It was the only time I have ever needed a step stool to climb in and out of bed!

One evening we all went to La Posta for dinner. The food was wonderful and we loved the place! However, during our meal, a torrential downpour ensued and we all had to be rescued!

Just last October we met at Lee and Erin’s wedding and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you again. The event was a blessing in so many ways.

We wish you a very happy, very special birthday!

With fondest regards,
Lee and John Wolfe

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