Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! A major milestone we hope to reach! It is hard to believe that Ann and I were “inmates” at Alameda Elementary from Fall 1950 when Ann was in Mrs. Putoff’s 1st Grade room and I was in Mrs. Vermillion’s 1st Grade room to 6 years later when Ann and I were both in Mrs. Andrews 6th Grade classroom. For reasons unknown still Mrs. Andrews’s class was marched to Alameda Junior High after only a few weeks of being the big kids at Alameda Elementary. At Alameda Junior High we were kept away from the larger 8th and 9th grade students. We were however rudely introduced to the Junior High assistant principal’s “board of education” for misbehaving. Attached is our 6th grade class photo. Ann and John are in the middle of the first row; Ann is the blond and John the dark haired boy more or less in the middle first row seated next to her.

Again Happy Birthday!!!!!!

– Ann and John Darden

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