Happy Birthday

Hi Paul, 
How exciting to be able to celebrate your amazing life in spite of this time in history! In preparing to write to you, I thought over the multitude of times our lives have intersected, the number of times you have bailed me out when I had a melt down, and the numerous interactions that were personal, professional and fun!

In the mid sixties, we rented a house from you which had screaming blue walls. I was pregnant and desperate to move quickly. You graciously had it painted, the smell dissipated and we moved in, falling in love with Mesilla!  

In the ensuing years you were so encouraging to teachers and I felt I could probably ask you about anything  I was thinking. You knew the right people to refer me to when needed, or you helped me understand or figure out a next step. I loved to try new things out and, between you and Mr. Stablein you  made that available.

Your support of a Teachers’ Center was extremely valuable as I worked to try and meet teacher needs in our school district. In that time we moved four times…..and each location grew itself over and more. When we were at Court Junior High, you announced your retirement and our center hosted your farewell party. It was very exciting, fun and sad, because one of our biggest supporters would be moving on to an  equally  important part of education and making a  colossal contribution especially in bi-lingual education.

One fo the things that stands really clear in my memory was when you and Mary went to Darlington, England with 36 of our teachers to learn more about their educational system. You exchanged with the head of that county’s system and had  wonderful experiences as couples with a long fellowship after the trip. My favorite personal memory of that was when we went on board the airliner, you and Mary were given first class seats! (Overflow of passengers. You were not tired at all up there in the fancy front. I wonder why? I also recall you having taken over a 13 colonies time flag which Ron had hung on their T.C. door and whilst in the party some body stole it.) Such great memories.

And finally, Paul, You made your home so welcoming to me, our family and many of our out of town visitors. You always took time to become the “teacher” and everyone came away with understandings of our culture and history. And last but not least, I mention our shared interest (translated LOVE) in Nacimientos, which has been not only inspiring but unique and fun as we visited so many times.

It is safe to say that I love you and yours “to the moon” 
Sharon Meier

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