Happy Birthday

Dear Paul,

The comment you are most often going to receive in celebration of your 100th birthday is that we all miss being able to show you in person how much you are appreciated.  I have mailed the following message to you as well as email it because I wanted to make my greetings more personal.  

We are celebrating you and all that you’ve shared with others for a century.  It hasn’t been necessary to know you for years to benefit from your smile, stories and interest you have in others.  I truly miss being able to work with Ivana weekly to document the wonderful collection you, Mary, and your family have preserved for the future.  I miss the stories about your beautiful textiles.  

I just finished reading Ana’s book, The Man From Mesilla.   As I read it, especially Chapter 9,  I was hopeful that our work will resume some day in your presence.  I will continue to learn, as the teacher in you would encourage, by reading Mary’s A Place Wild As the West Ever Was, in the meantime.  

I believe in your own words, “Progress can only be achieved when people work together”, as you have done your whole life.  

Happy 100th Birthday, Paul.

Mary Pierce

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