Happy Birthday!

Hello Paul,

Couldn’t pass up this momentous occasion of your 100th Birthday (WOW!) to send my greetings to you.  For context, Paul Taylor was my sixth grade teacher at Mesilla Park School!  He must have been in his 20’s during that time.  I remember he had so much energy and was always thinking of ways to use our creativity.  I recall one time he asked me to make a drawing of something to do with the Dark Ages.  I drew and cut out some little eyes and pasted them on a black piece of paper!  He was fine with it!  It was a very happy time for me and the other students in his class.  

Paul and Mary Taylor were also dear friends of my mom and dad, Ken and Nona Barrick.  Our families became close as time went on.  Paul has a number of Dad’s paintings in his home.  It was a very special relationship for sure.

I wish I could be there to congratulate you, Paul.  I will be thinking of you!  What a wonderful person you have always been!

Attached is a picture you would probably enjoy!  It is three “girl friends” you will remember.  On the left is Louise McClernon (Brown), in the middle is me (Kay Barrick Ricketts), and on the right is Linda Carver (Gardner)!!  It was taken at La Posta last year for our 50th Las Cruces High School Class Reunion!


Kay Barrick Ricketts

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