Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy birthday, J. Paul!  I was just thinking about you the other day.  You were always one of my favorite legislators and I loved to listen to you in HAFC or on the floor, when you defended and elucidated Democratic party ideals — to me, you have always been the lodestone, the North Star of those ideals.

I loved working even more closely with you when you were my chairman for the reorganization of cultural affairs and other departments.  You remain one of the finest legislators and finest men I have ever known.  I hope your birthday celebration brings great joy to your heart, knowing how many people in New Mexico and beyond have had their lives changed because of you, either because they have known you or because they benefited from your teaching/legislating/living actions — and the example you set for living a generous, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Best, best wishes,
Jonelle Maison

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