Happy Birthday

Mr. Taylor.,  Fernando here…

Sending you my best wishes for your birthday… with a lot of appreciation, for what you did, have done and continue to do for members of my family specially for what you represent to/for Pepe.

If i may… I would like to share with you and your family a very nice memory of my childhood., perhaps one of the nicest memories I have of my entire childhood….I dont recall the year… but considering my age… most likely it was 40 years ago… My Mum and siblings were in las cruces for summer classes which you had arrange; 
On a weekend you invited us to go to “white-sands moose led aged” (at the time I could not pronounce it…LOL! )… years later about 10 or so, I was corrected… white sands missile range !!..(.dummy!) anyway… we had no idea what was it or what to do there once we got there…

             as we got out of the car…you kept talking as you were walking to the back of the car…__(i think you were explaining why we were there, but at the time I did not understand spanish..! never mind english..! LOL..).__opened the trunk and got out what seemed to be trash can lids… but NO! there were not lids of no trash cans…!!   it was plastic and cardboard pieces….

                   without notice or anything you run up the hill and graciously-jovially  like a 15 year old kid… dropped the cardboard onto the sand and jumped on it… sliding down at great speed…!! ( I remember very clearly.. my mom screaming… just like mexican moms can...)!  Mr. Taylor ! OMG…you are going to hurt yourself!!!

              As soon as we saw you do that…  we all looked at each other… Opened our mouths and eyes, as in huge wonder and yelled…YUPI!!! ( BRILLIANT in mexico’s lingo..!!!) ran to grab the other pieces…!!! launching ourselves onto the hill….. yay!!   that day Mr. Taylor…you were just another kid with us…we even fought you for the piece you were using…but you kept winning… LOL!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!  and happy birthday…  God Bless

Fernando Reyes-Dorador

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