Happy Birthday JPT!!!!

John Paul,

Wanted to make sure and wish you a terrific 100th Birthday!!! Wishing you a wonderful day and upcoming year!

I so enjoyed meeting you at the Romero/Delgado Reunion! It was a wonderful time and lots of insight into a part of my family I didn’t know. I met so many wonderful cousins there. 

In 1991 I was a young Catholic priest assigned to Immaculate Conception Church under Fr. Salazar for 1 year. I remember going to Las Vegas as a child to visit the sons of friends of my Grandfather Osmundo Lucero who worked for the US Government in Mexico at the seminary in Montezuma. Often we would take my Grandmother Frances Delgado Pino to visit relatives and drop her off. When we picked her up we would stop at Dairy Queen for a Dillybar.  Never, in my wildest dreams during my year in Las Vegas did I know of my connection to the Romero/Delgado family there! I met a Josephine Baca (a Delgado relative and her family) and Anna Ortiz and her children Kathleen and Karl. I also used to go visit her sister in a nursing home! Lovely lady!!! 

Until the family reunion, I knew I was related to Kathleen Ortiz and her mother Anna and they would always talk about my Grandmother Frances Delgado Pino and her visits (Frances Delgado Pino <- Efren Sena <- Maria Aniceta Romero) but I did not know how it all fit in. 

Because both of my parents come from the Jose Manuel Fernando Delgado and Maria Trinidad Cabeza de Baca family (Josefa’s Brother and son of Manuel Salustino Delgado who lived in Santa Fe), that’s all I had focused on. I did not know about this connection. I was close to my Grandma Pino and she did tell us how she went to Las Vegas to work at the Romero/Baca store…but was the youngest of 11 children and got homesick so her sister sent her back and sent for one of her older sisters. She died when I was 18, way before I started to look into genealogy.

–My father Gilbert Pino is a Great Grandson from Jose Manuel Fernando Delgado on his father’s side (Francisco Delgado & Efren Sena). We didn’t know until the reunion that they were 2nd cousins).

–My Mother Alicia Lucero Pino is also a Great Great Granddaughter of Jose Manuel Fernando Delgado on her mother’s side (Frances Lacassagne Lucero -> Melinda Delgado Lacassagne -> Fernando Delgado (Brother to Francisco above).

Guess I am truly an inbred, like many New Mexicans! I am descended from Don Pedro Bautista Pino 4 times, from each of his 3 wives! And funny enough, he shared a wife to Captain Manuel Delgado!

You and your sons have done so much for New Mexico and helped document the history of our family. I am proud of you and so grateful that I was able to meet you and them!

May God Bless you always!!!

Ken Pino

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