What a glorious day! I would venture to say this is the very first – noted-  one hundredth birthday celebration – during the corona virus pandemic.

HAPPY CENTENNIAL BIRTHDAY️ ❤️ I first met the Taylor family through your son, Michael Romero Taylor,  as we went to school together. What an outstanding human being I thought him to be – then , and most certainly, today!I met more of your family when I taught your grandson – Matthew Taylor.  He was an amazing young boy and student.   I won’t forget how he learned all the states and capitals very quickly, and during Christmas break, he called to ask me if he could have another country to learn those states and capitals. And his memory!  He never forgot my father’s and children’s birthdays – and all my dog’s names – years after.  And he grew to be another wonderful Taylor man! His parents, Wendy and Pat,  the kind of parents every teacher would hope for their students.  Superb people.  One of many major attributes that stand out when I think of you and your family, is Kindness. KINDNESS and ULTIMATE GOODNESS. I met you through your family and I would see you at social gatherings and celebrations. You – always debonair and star-like.

A memory I have of you, is going into a home across from Chope’s restaurant, in La Mesa, where I recall you telling me you learned to dance in the living room of that home. It brought back memories of your high school days and I think, your love of dancing.You have done and given, tremendous Gifts to the community and its people. Your legacy is far reaching and an important part of history – Long after we are departed. I want to congratulate you on your service and representation, your love and caring, Your generosity in all things.   You are a consummate gentleman in every respect. You are admired and greatly loved.As God has been good to you – you have been good to God.Happy 100th John Paul Taylor! Que este sea el mejor y mas feliz dia tu vida

Amor y Besos ! 
– wanda robinson arnold 

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