Merry 100th Birthday

Tom and I wish you a most merry 100th birthday!!  What a marvelous milestone you have achieved, and what an amazing blessing you have been to so many in our own towns of Las Cruces and Mesilla and in our entire state of New Mexico throughout your life of service to others!!

 I want to thank you especially for two things in education.  First, thank you for being such a positive and supportive principal, blessing teachers and students alike!  My mother, Elnora Masterson, loved teaching for you.  And she and I were always thrilled that you remembered her always with warm greetings!  Long after she retired and even after she passed on to glory, you always remembered her to me as a wonderful teacher.  I am so blessed and amazed when you ALWAYS remember her!!

Secondly, thank you for being the strong supporter that you were in the school system and in the legislature for programs for gifted and talented students!!  When I returned to Las Cruces in 1994 and began working in the Advanced Education Program, I soon learned that it was (and is) hard to find administrators and teachers who cared about the special educational and emotional needs of our brightest students.  You were a bright light that showed us a way to provide appropriate support for these students.  And you were a gracious host and guide when we were able to bring groups of students to your lovely and historic home.

We cannot thank you enough for dedicating your life to service to others!!  May God continue to bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you all the days of your life!!!

Bendigas y abrazos,
Tom and Karen (Masterson) Warren

Elnora Masterson

Tom & Karen Warren ( and DD)

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